When do you take payments and how do i pay?

This depends on which payment option you have chosen. In some local authority areas Home Safe can offer monthly, Annual or 5 year in advance payment options. Once your membership has been processed you will be emailed your first invoice. For monthly and annual payers this must be settled by Direct Debit and will be collected once the direct debit is set up. For members opting to pay for the full five years in advance they will receive an invoice which they will need to settle by bank transfer.

Are the fees same for every licence type?

As licence types all serve a different purpose, fees will vary.

Are the fees same in every area?

As every local authority has differing requirements, membership fees do vary area to area.

What happens if I join after a designated Selective or Additional licence scheme start date?

If you owned the property and the property was tenanted then you will be charged from the scheme start date up to present day, however if you are a new owner or the property has only just been occupied by a tenant then you will be charged from your joining date onwards. Its a major benefit to joining Home Safe as a direct application with the local Authority would result in being charged from the scheme start date for all scenarios.

Can I pay annually?

In some areas this is possible, please see the associated pricing page on our website for details.